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Vasthu Homam corrects the fault of construction and ensures that the house is free from any evil or negative energies. It involves worshiping the five elements of nature, natural forces, and the deity of directions. It also grants mercy if any organism comes to any harm during the construction. This puja will radiate peace and happiness in the house and result in a well-balanced environment. It will help to remove the ill effects of the Vastu Doshas. Vastu Shanti Yagya is the best way to seek the blessings of Vastu Purush. Vastu Purush is the epitome of spirit, power, and energy and safeguards the building.

  • East – Indra – Ruled by the solar deity – Aditya (Seeing the world)
  • SouthEast – Agni – Ruled by the fire deity – Agni (Energy Generating).
  • South – Yama – Ruled by lord of death – Yama (Damaging).
  • SouthWest – Pitru/Nairutya, Niruthi – Ruled by ancestors (History).
  • West – Varuna – Ruled by lord of water (Physical).
  • NorthWest – Vayu – Ruled by the god of winds (Advertisement).
  • North – Kubera – Ruled by lord of wealth (Finance).
  • Center – Brahma – Ruled by the creator of the universe (Desire).

Vasthu Homam is a sacred Vedic ritual dedicated to harmonizing the energies of living spaces. This ritual plays a pivotal role in correcting the faults of construction and purifying the environment, ensuring that the dwelling is free from negative or evil energies. Vastu Homam involves worshipping the five elements of nature, natural forces, and the deities representing directions. By performing this homam, individuals seek to radiate peace, happiness, and balance within their living spaces.

Vastu Homam is a powerful means to create a harmonious, positive, and balanced living environment. By invoking the blessings of natural forces and cosmic energies through this ritual, individuals aim to enhance the quality of their living spaces, fostering a life filled with well-being, peace, and prosperity.

When To Perform Vasthu Homam?

Vastu Homam is best performed when constructing, renovating, or moving into a new home, office, or any living space. It’s also recommended during times of facing challenges related to the environment or when experiencing disturbances within the living space.

Additional information

1. Positive Energies

Vastu Homam corrects architectural imbalances, infusing positive energies and eliminating negative influences within the living space.

2. Harmony and Balance

By honoring the five elements and deities of directions, the homam promotes a well-balanced environment and fosters a harmonious atmosphere.

3. Removal of Vastu Doshas

The ritual helps alleviate the ill effects of Vastu Doshas, promoting better health, wealth, and overall well-being.

4. Protection from Evil Energies

Vastu Homam safeguards against evil energies and ensures the living space is shielded from negative forces.

5. Alignment with Cosmic Forces

By harmonizing living spaces with cosmic energies, the homam enhances the overall quality of life for occupants.


1. What is Vasthu Homam?
Vasthu Homam is a ritual performed to harmonize energies within living spaces, ensuring a positive and balanced environment.

2. How is the Homam Performed?
Vastu Homam involves worshipping the five elements, natural forces, and deities of directions to correct Vastu imbalances and purify the living space.

3. Is Vasthu Homam Only for Hindus?
While rooted in Hindu traditions, Vasthu Homam’s benefits extend to anyone seeking to improve the energy and harmony of their living spaces.

4. Can Individuals Perform Vastu Homam at Home?
Yes, individuals can perform Vastu Homam at their homes with the guidance of experienced priests. Services like Nammapandit can assist in arranging this ritual.

5. Can Vasthu Homam Change Negative Energies Immediately?
Vasthu Homam’s effects may manifest gradually, as the environment aligns with positive energies over time. The ritual’s outcomes depend on individual circumstances and intentions.


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